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If you are looking for it or that which perfectly combines high ability with a great desire to grow and develop.
If you are someone who is quick-thinking and understands not only technology in the micro but also high-tech in the macro, or if you simply want to find the next employee for your team, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Extra-Tech, we have been connecting the most outstanding ultra-Orthodox female graduates to the top high-tech companies in Israel. Contact us and begin manning your jobs!

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All the Reasons to Recruit with Us (... without Recruiting!)

Extra Outsourcing
In addition to pinpointing great talent, we provide a variety of services in the field of software and data. Our team includes experienced developers, data experts and hardware people who allow us to plan and execute advanced projects quickly and with maximum flexibility.
Extra Training
Everyone knows that between “knowledge of technology” and the ability to actually integrate in a high-tech company there is the “Last Mile.” These unique tools that teach the candidate to think and act like a real high-tech worker - we will provide to your next employees.
Extra Talents
In order to change the world and develop the technologies that will lead the world in the future, we need to partner with the best. We are tracking down and recruiting only those who excelled in their courses, and preparing them along with you, that way you too will enjoy great employees who will go the extra mile with you.

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