Who Are We

Nice to meet you – we are Extra Tech and we specialize in locating, matching and placing advanced employees in the various high-tech industries – software, hardware, data and more. Every year, we filter and select amongst the thousands only the exceptional female graduates in the ultra-Orthodox sector of high-tech courses, and accompany them in the accelerated training programs of large companies in the economy until absorption as full-time workers. Our advanced placement model and proven experience in placing hundreds of employees each year will assure that you will find exactly the talent you are looking for.

Our Values

Admission Solely to those who Excel

In an industry where learning never stops, we must choose the sharpest of all razors. Our access to a huge pool of graduates and the ability to choose the best has proven its success in the training courses and zero abandonment percentages!

Going the Extra Mile

As a company that grew out of the high-tech world, we know the most significant weak point and give it the perfect answer: training courses within the biggest companies themselves, which turn the candidate from an "honors graduate" to a "high-tech worker."

Living the Tomorrow

Technology is an industry that never stops growing and changing as it moves forwards. We make adjustments on a regular basis in the training programs, and make sure that every talent we accompany today is not satisfied with yesterday's knowledge and receives the latest knowledge.

Our partners for your success

We recruit and work in a successful partnership with the leading high-tech companies in Israel and in the world

Our Vision

As in every field and yet much more, excellence is a Win-Win situation. When we find an employee who fits into an organization like a glove to a hand, we don’t just record another business success but a true vocation: it’s not just an employee who will make an honest living and earn much more tomorrow but a happy person who fulfills himself. And it is not just a company that manages to meet its quarterly and annual goals but a team that succeeds in making the world a better place with the help of the right people.


Moshe Friedman
Co-founder & CEO
Avreimi Wingut
co founder
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Sari Roth
VP & Co founder

Our Team

Shalom Damem
Manager of Training and Placement Department
Shlomit Kaplan
Training and Placement Manager
Mali Feldman
Project Manager
Avigail Michelson
Business Development Manager
Ilana Bass
Pedagogical Manager
Osnat Cohen
Pedagogical coordinator
Natan donat
Senior Technical recruiter
Menachem Tikotzky
Technical recruiter
Michal Falach
Office Manager
Mimi Rehem
HR Manager
Chani Karp
Training and Placement Coordinator
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Shira Shem-Tov
Training and Placement Coordinator

Advisory Board

אמנוןנ שעשוע
Prof. Amnon Shashua
Founder Mobileye | OrCam | AI21 Labs | ONE ZERO - Digital Bank | Sachs
מייקל שטיינהרדט
Michael H. Steinhardt
ג'ואל גרינברג
יואל גרינברג
יוגין פוקסמן
יוג'ין פוקסמן
ממייסדי whatsapp
צביקה לימון_1
Zvi Lןmon
Partner at Rimon
גיגי לוי
Gigi Levy-Weiss
General Partner at NFX
אילון תירוש
Eilon Tirosh
Supporting Healthcare Innovation
פיליפ שפרוך
פיליפ שפרוך
מייסד lacie
צילום מסך 2022-06-08 145742
Haim Taib
Founder of Mitrelli Group
עמית קרפ_1
Amit Karp
Partner At Bessemer Venture Partners
יואל חשין
Yoel Cheshin
Founder 2B.VC
ליאת אהרונסון
Liat Aaronson
Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Horizen Labs
ראול שטיין
Raoul Stein
General Partner Kreos Capital
צילום מסך 2022-06-09 122619
Batsheva Moshe
GM Israel WIX